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Welcome to Scottish Andrology Services- a service in Urology and andrology. 


Based in Edinburgh, our aim is to provide a comprehensive and commendable service in urology and andrology to our patients. We serve Edinburgh, the Lothians and the East of Scotland, but have also been serving patients from the whole of Scotland, the North East of England and patients outwith the UK. We strive to provide an excellent and timely service by our empathetic, caring and compassionate approach to patient care.


Our results are regularly audited to ensure that our care and outcomes are excellent and of high quality.


Based in Edinburgh, we offer specialist services in andrology / men’s health issues as well as general urology conditions. 


Mr Shukla is a Consultant Urologist in a Central Tertiary level teaching hospital unit, and is actively involved in teaching, research and audit to ensure that we remain at the forefront of clinical evidence based practice. We keep ourselves updated with most recent literature and updated international clinical guidelines that we use to base our clinical practice on.

Our daily clinical practice has a healthy mix of sub-specialist and general urological conditions.

In addition to our comprehensive services of andrology and general urology services, we pride ourselves in our timely service to suit our patients' needs.

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