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Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is an increasingly common condition for young and older men.


We recognize the physical, emotional and psychological effects this can have not just on the man, but the couple. We specialise in offering a thorough and empathetic approach in the assessment and treatment of this condition using medical, surgical and non-invasive treatments such as the ED-1000. 



This complex complaint may be mild with some patients unable to maintain rigidity, up to some patients having complete failure of the erection mechanism. The causes are numerous. We offer a full assessment and management of this condition in most men.


Treatments include use of oral medication as first line treatment options. For those who fail oral treatments, or who cannot tolerate oral medications, we also offer other options including pellets/medications within the urethra (MUSE), topical gels (e.g. Vitaros),  injections, the vacuum pump, penile prosthesis surgery and the novel techonology- the ED1000.


The ED 1000 uses ultrasound in attempt to stimulate the regeneration of blood supply and natural erections in the penis, and has been used in other fields to stimulate healing (bone, tendon, heart). Whereas it is not suitable or as effective in all patients, we would assess patients suitability and offer treatment appropriately that may allow patients to achieve natural erections without medication eventually. Additionally, patients in the severe category who were refractory to oral medical treatment heading for penile prosthesis, may respond to pharmaceutical treatment.  For further information please click on the flyer below.









Penile prosthesis surgery is complex and involves replacing the "native" non functioning erectile muscle with a penile prosthesis that can allow for satisfactory intercourse.


We aim to tailor treatments to an individual patient's needs after a full and thorough assessment.

ED1000 treatment information
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