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Penile and Male genital Cancers


Penile and male genital cancers are very rare. There are 400 new cases in the UK per year and approximately 40 of these from Scotland (per year). Being so rare, and rapidly progressing, these cancers are treated in supra-regional NHS centres where expertise with experience exists in order to improve outcomes.



We are supra-regional specialists within NHS Lothian dealing with penile lumps/cancers and receive referrals from the East of Scotland.  We offer not only cancer  curing surgery, but various reconstructive options including skin graft surgery and dynamic sentinel lymph node surgery.


Mr Shukla is the lead for penile and testis cancer surgery in this supra-regional tertiary unit in Edinburgh. He was also the surgical lead in the development of the national QPIs( Quality Performance Indicators) for Scotland



Patients are assessed, evaluated with a biopsy and scans performed to stage the severity of the condition. Whenever possible, we aim to offer penile preserving surgery with reconstruction. This is in order to preserve urinary, sexual, and psychological well being of our patients.


The cancer spreads via lymph nodes in the groins and their careful evaluation is essential to identify early disease and to treat this devastating cancer as early as possible in order to achieve the best possible chance of cure.

It may be necessary to perform pelvic node surgery in some select group of patients.


Our team offers the expertise in dealing with the condition in a very timely manner.

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