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As our valued clients, we value the comments and suggestions from our patients and anononymise them. We act on them to continue to strive for perfection.


Please feel free to send in your comments and we will happily anonymise them and place them on our website.


We also wish to use this page for documents and questionnaires to help us assess the severity of your condition. When making an appointment to see us, please access this page to print and fill the appropriate questionnaire/tool for your condition. 

For patients with testicular pain (especially following previous surgery), the Neuropathic symptoms and signs questionnaire may be useful.

Patient Questionairres

Patient comments and testimonials


Mr A



I had known for some time that both of my testis were not in the correct position but had not acted on this issue due to being unaware of the risks and unaware of the cause. However after realising that action had to be taken I went for a consultation with Mr Shukla, who recommended that a double orchiopexy was the best course of action.


 The process was very good, I felt like all of my options were explained to me in good detail with the risks and benefits of each option highlighted to me to make sure I was as aware as possible about all aspects of the potential outcomes.


The procedure was performed successfully. meaning I am now at a lower risk of issues such as testicular torsion and am now able to examine my testicles for any issues that may arise in the future. Overall I am very pleased with the outcome and thankful to Mr Shukla for guiding me through the whole process.




I had undescended testicles on both sides, meaning they were not in the correct place. This was something I had lived with my whole life but I had always been too scared or embarrassed to do anything about it. After finally seeking help for the problem, Mr Shukla arranged to operate on me to bring them down into the scrotum. With the chances of successfully completing this procedure unclear and with removal of one or both testes a real possibility, I was extremely nervous to go ahead with it. However, I was reassured throughout the leadup and thankfully the operation was a success. This will now allow me to check for other problems regarding that area and I am so glad I finally did something about it.



MrB (43 years old) and partner (40 years old)



I had a Vasectomy in 2008 after the birth of my daughter. In 2019 my new partner and I decided we would like to have a baby together, but thought that after 11 years it may not be possible. We started to research the procedure and looked in to where in Scotland this could be done. A surgeon in Stirling recommended Mr Shukla and the Spire Murrayfield private hospital as the best place in the country for a vasectomy reversal. 


I had an assessment and consultation with Mr Shukla at the Spire in Edinburgh, I felt straight away that I was getting excellent advice and understood all my options, the procedure and the potential result given my circumstances. We decided to go ahead with the procedure and I was given an appointment a short time later. I was a day patient for the operation which required a general anaesthetic - the Spire Murrayfield is very comfortable private hospital with fantastic staff. The procedure went exactly as planned, Mr Shukla saw me before the operation and after I woke up to reassure me. After providing a sample a couple of months later we were given the news by Mr Shukla that the reversal was a success. 


6 months after this, we found out that we were expecting a baby and earlier this month we welcomed a healthy baby girl into our family. 


Patient EP from Livingston:


"I was admitted as a patient to the Spire Murrayfield Hospital, Costorphine Edinburgh on Oct 22nd. I had an overnight stay following a delicate procedure. What a beautiful hospital. From the Surgeon, theatre staff, nurses, clerical and domestic staff- they were all absolutely brilliant, caring, helpful and friendly.  I cannot thank them enough for the care and attention they gave me."


Patient DR from Edinburgh:


"Thank you Mr Shukla and the staff at the Murrayfield Spire for your compassionate care and treatment"

Patient DF from Edinburgh:


"To Mr Shukla, Many thanks for your skill and care during my op"


Patient DC from Edinburgh:


"Dear Mr Shukla,  Thanks for your expertise and v.good and kind care"

Patient OH (and family) from Inverness:


To Mr Shukla - Many thanks for your care of **** before christmas, and your follow up telephone call was much appreciated"


Patient DW from Hawick


"Dear Mr Shukla, I woud like to thank you and the staff at the Spire Murrayfield Hospital for the excellent speedy and efficient care I have been given in my time under your care"


Patient JH from Whitburn


"Had prostate operation in Murrayfield under Dr Shukla and am extremely satisfied with the results. The operation itself, was I feel conducted in a highly professional manner and the aftercare and attention given to me cannot be praised highly enough"



Patient SA from Livingston


"I was a day-care patient under Dr Shukla, He made the whole experience very reassuring and professional. Thank you very much to him and his team"


Patient LS from Edinburgh


"Wanted to say a very big thank you to Dr Shukla and the rest of the medical staff at the Spire Hospital for their professionalism and care shown to me today. Any fears I may have had before the procedure were quickly alleviated and I knew I was in safe hands..... All in all, it has been an enjoyable experience - not something you would expect going to a hospital- more reasons for me to be happy and recommend Spire healthcare to other patients showing how it's done"



Patient AW from Edinburgh


"Dear Mr Shukla, After 5 miserable years of constant pain, dozens of GP visits, countless ultrasound scans, I am finally pain free. Thank you so much for Listening, for understanding and for helping me find a viable solution. One visit with you has led to a miraculous change for me. I am no longer in pain on a daily basis, no longer unhappy as a result, no longer unable to physically exert myself, no longer miserable, no longer sick & tired of being sick & tired.

You've made a world of difference to my life, without having to resort to what I thought was my only solution."


Patient LJ R from Scotland


"Dear Mr Shukla, I am writing to share our very good news. Following your surgery, in which **** had Surgical ligation of his varicocele, we repeated his sperm DNA fragmentation and motility. It had produced a dramatic improvement in his DNA fragmentation index and progressive motility. We embarked on our treatment and I am now 15 weeks pregnant. We would both like to express our very sincere gratitude for your excellent surgery and successful outcome. (Update: couple have now conceived their second child naturally).




Patient DS from Fife


"A note of thanks for what was excellent care during  the period of my consultation and procedures. The advice and professional care and approach from Dr Shukla was of a very high standard in both knowledge and also personal care and well being of the patient. I would recommend Dr Shukla very highly for any consultation in his specific field of medicine".


Anonymous from Edinburgh

MR C SHUKLA took enough time to explain possible outcomes and the outcome of the procedure was excellent



Anonymous from Edinburgh

I was diagnosed with Peyronies disease by Mr Shukla with a curvature of 45 degrees. I opted to undergo the Xiapex injections as my bend was proving problematic during sex. After the injections, my curvature reduced to 35 degrees with no loss of function. Since the procedure, my minimal curve has caused no problems in sex and has stabilised. I am delighted with the result.



Mr Shukla explained procedure very well and gave realistic expectation of OP outcome

Anonymous from Edinburgh

Have been struggling with low testosterone symptoms for quite a while. Decided to see Dr Shukla - glad I made the decision. Dr Shukla has given me my life back. Couldn't be happier with the outcome once he put me on TRT. I could feel my symptoms alleviate and still improving. I am happier and more confident now. Thank you Dr Shukla for not only listening to me but for understanding my situation and helping me overcome in such a short span of time. I would highly recommend to anybody suffering with low testosterone or other related issues.

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