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Male genital reconstruction


Various conditions that affect the male genitals may require a full assessment and one or more combination of techniques to obtain cosmetic and functional outcomes.




We assess men with conditions of buried penis, men with genital lymphoedema and men following previous surgeries to the male genitals that have not gone as expected and offer counselling and appropriate treatment.

Often the main complaint we deal with is related to a condition called Lichen Sclerosis (also known as BXO - balanitis xerotica obliterans). In this condition, the skin of the penile area becomes involved with inflammation and scars down. If it affects the foreskin only, then a circumcision may suffice.


However, in some cases, it may extend beyond the foreskin and affect the glans/head of penis, the penile shaft skin or the opening of the urinary tract (called the meatus). In this case, some patients will have undergone repeat surgeries e.g. repeat circumcisions, dilatation of the waterpipe (meatus). These extreme cases usually do not respond to steroids.


Such patients may have difficulty with urination or injury during sex as a  result of this condition. This maybe despite having had a circumcision previously.


These patients often need reconstruction using various techniques e.g. skin grafts, or grafting using cheek lining in order to replace the diseased skin. Our team are versatile and experienced in offering these techniques in order to achieve our aims - to restore urinary, sexual and ideally cosmetic function for patients. 

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