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Testosterone deficiency and replacement therapy


There are numerous causes of a low testosterone in men. These are broadly classified into those causes arising from abnormalities of the pituitary gland which resides in the brain, or those due to abnormalities in the testicle.


Low testosterone can manifest in a number of ways such as erectile dysfunction, low libido/sex drive, low mood, increased weight, worsening sugar control if you are diabetic. Untreated, it can have long term efffects on health.


As urologists and mens' healthc specialists, we tend to manage patients with low testosterone when it has an effect on sexual function.

We will aim to identify the cause and its impact and recommend appropriate treatment, which is not always necessarily as simple as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). For men or couples wishing to have children, TRT can suppress sperm production and so we would look at all other options first.


For other men for whom TRT is appropriate we would  mainly recommend either gels (which are applied on skin) or injections for the treatment of low testosterone. 



Problems with ejaculation


Many patients may complain of difficulties/problems with ejaculation. These include painful ejaculation, premature ejaculation and delayed/lack of ejaculation. These conditions may prove challenging to treat.


There are numerous causes of each of these. Our expert andrology consultants will be sensitive to the issues that this condition may cause and will assess and recommend appropriate treatment. 

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