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Vasectomy and Vasectomy Reversal


A vasectomy is an excellent choice of male sterilisation. It is a male sterilisation procedure where a short surgical procedure is performed either under local or under general anaesthetic as a daycase procedure. A short segment of the vas deferens (tube carrying sperm from the testis to the outside) is removed/excised. It is to be considered irreversible.





We offer a full assessment and in our consultation, we aim to confirm that this is indeed the correct choice for the couple, explain clearly what the procedure involves, and counsel patients on the benefits, risk, complications and long term effects. We advise that until the semen analysis performed is clear, all men must continue to use appropriate contraception.




Vasectomy Reversal


Unfortunately, relationships don't always work out after a previous vasectomy, and for those couples in a new relationship following a previous vasectomy, we can offer vasectomy reversal surgery. This surgery is highly delicate and outcomes are dependent on surgeon experience, training and proficiency in using magnification such as an operating microscope. Our team of consultants is highly trained and experienced in the field of microsurgery.


We will establish factors that may dictate success for the couple and treat accordingly. This surgery can take upto 3 hours. Based on our assessment, we may offer a back up retrieval of sperm directly from the testicle in order to store sperm in case there are factors that indicate that the vasectomy reversal surgery may not successful.  Our microsurgery audit results confirm that our results are excellent.


A vasectomy reversal may also be required for incurable testicular pain after a previous vasectomy. Other options such as epididymectomy, microsurgical denervation of the cord, pain team assessment etc are those which we can offer once the patient has been assessed to identify the most likely cause of pain.

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