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Investigation of blood in the urine (haematuria)


Blood in the urine (known as haematuria) can be a very frightening experience. It may manifest either as visible / frank blood stained urine, or may be more subtle and not visible. Non-visible haematuria is often identified when patients present with other urinary symptoms, or may be detected as part of routine tests when seeing your local doctor for other reasons (e.g. registration, as part of blood pressure checks).


Although a frightening experience, blood in the urine is not serious in the majority of patients. However, in most patients it is essential to investigate the urinary tract to exclude serious underlying causes such as cancer. Although serious conditions are more likely to be associated with visible haematuria, there are still a significant number of patients with non-visible haematuria who may also have a serious underlying cause. Therefore, national and international guidelines recommend that most patients (especially over the age of 40) should be investigated.


Our team of consultants are established and experienced in the investigation and management of most causes of haematuria. We pride ourselves in our thoughtful and timely approach to this frightening condition and offer urgent investigations and when necessary, surgical management.

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