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Prostate assessment including male urinary symptoms and raised PSA


The prostate as an organ that surrounds the urethra (waterpipe) just as it leaves the bladder in men. It serves as a sexual and fertility organ that produces fluid that nourishes sperm in order to allow it to swim up to the egg when making a baby.  It is usually the size of a walnut and enlarges with age.


In older men, many patients develop urinary symptoms, which may or may not be as a result of the prostate gland abnormality. The abnormality may be either a simple enlargement due to age (which is not cancerous and known as benign prostatic hyperplasia - BPH), or as a result of prostate cancer. Other abnormalities include recurrent inflammation or infection - known as prostatitis.


Our team offers a comprehensive assessment of urinary symptoms in men and a full assessment of the prostate. In case of further investigations e.g blood tests, urinary flow tests, or biopsies, we offer these tests, as well as medical and surgical treatment options for benign prostate conditions and advanced prostate cancer treatment.


The prostate blood test - PSA is often used as a non-specific marker of prostate abnormalities (cancer and non cancerous). The blood test serves to provide us with information about various diseases of the prostate and serves to provide prognostic information too.


When performed and found to be abnormal, can result in some anxiety. We are experienced in counselling and investigating men who may have had or wish to have this test.




Please visit our patients page to download/print our prostate assessment questionnaire, which we request you to bring with you on your visit to see us.

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